Tuesday, December 12, 2006

hello! sry for late post..i noe its quite late..but im still gonna post abt the bbq (2g)..coz its great!! we all managed to at least do sth there..and we played netball..soccer (combined)..in the dark field! the food yuxun ordered was great..and there was sth we nid not cook..so we wun go hungry! (beehoon!) pictures.. =D

our bbq pit!

cihui =D

the fire

ryan raymond mingswee

2G ' 06!
not forgetting the credits..thnx fuseng!

8:34 PM

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

hello guys..nth to do..so i tot i came here to blog

1) congrats kit..his anti drug poster got merit..inter school one leh lol..he got 70 bucks for it..congrats dude

2) geraldine birthday on 13 december..so happy bdae in advanced!! ( i noe its still quite early)

3) holiday only left 3 more weeks ahhh..im doing a little of everything..btw i checked the list of chinese holiday hw..they nv say the summary muz do leh..so izzit no nid to do?? lol i alr do until 7788 liao..if no nid do then..zzz

ok if i still rmb anything i'll juz post it here..i noe no one is reading this..but at least it can still seve as a reminder for myself..went to cut hair today..and i tink it dun look as ugly as previous hair cuts..pple loves hair cut while i hate it..always cut until so gay..ok anyway..really no games now..dota hamachi oso lesser and lesser pple liao..sian duno wad to do..do hw? yea good idea..nxt year is gonna be a new year..so lets start it well!! do ur hw!! =O so bye guys

1:19 AM

Monday, December 4, 2006

lol today is quite comical..wanted to go to bedok interchange..in the end took 14 and went all to dover there..ahhh..lol..in the end had to go ask some one the nearest mrt after i alighted..ah at least i get to know more about bus 14..yep ok no more liao i noe its short..so anyway thats all for the day

1:30 AM

Saturday, December 2, 2006

ahh hasnt been posting for quite a long time..so maybe this post will be mostly on minor details..so..read on..

ah books are still on sale..which means if u havent got ur textbooks..u can do so..(most probably the bookshop auntie will still be at 2J classroom)..and if u dun have the form..get it from her..hopefully she still has some..the textbooks altogether costs abt 200plus bucks..so..get ur money rdy

went to the internet where they gif u a whole lots of maps download for warcraft 3 frozen throne..here it is http://www.epicwar.com/maps/?mode=details&order=asc&sort=time&page=1 alot of maps..slowly download..

ok and hw hw time..i havent did any but am starting..and hope u guys would finish on time..and wun be rushing last min..ok so bye..have fun doing ur holiday hw

7:36 PM

Sunday, November 26, 2006

whoa today went to check out my inbox..and found a delivery confirmation letter..the virus is 37679041.pdf.exe file..duno i din open it coz i cant..so..yea its a virus..heres the letter of the email

Dear Customer,

Thank you for ordering from our internet shop. If you paid with a credit card, the charge on your statement will be from name of our shop.

This email is to confirm the receipt of your order. Please do not reply as this email was sent from our automated confirmation system.

Date : 08 Oct 2006 - 12:40 Order ID : 37679041

Payment by Credit card

Product : Quantity : Price WJM-PSP - Sony VAIO SZ370 C2D T7200 : 1 : 2,449.99

Subtotal : 2,449.99 Shipping : 32.88 TOTAL : 2,482.87

Your Order Summary located in the attachment file ( self-extracting archive with "37679041.pdf" file ).

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are created by Adobe Acrobat software and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this viewer configured on a local drive, you may download it for free from Adobe's Web site.

We will ship your order from the warehouse nearest to you that has your items in stock (NY, TN, UT & CA). We strive to ship all orders the same day, but please allow 24hrs for processing.

You will receive another email with tracking information soon.

We hope you enjoy your order! Thank you for shopping with us!

Quoted from the net: "Boy oh boy... I sure as heck didn't oder no stinkin $2,449.99 Sony VAIO from Circuit City! Really makes ya wanna open that zip file to see if you've been had, right? "

Quote again: "Recall the statement "self-extracting archive with "37679041.pdf" file" in the message body? Were you expecting it to extract a .pdf rather than an exe or is that the executable to open the pdf? "

yes..wad an ingenious way to get some one to open a virus..woooo..its actually a .exe file in disguise..and once u open it...woooosh..here's to show u wads in the virus..(got from the net..tooo)

[ file data ]
* name: 37679041.pdf.zip
* size: 24733
* md5.: e0f9839c326ec24eb5faccc48e02e06d
* sha1: 0085a9c1700602df06686620e40f57c862fe833c

[ scan result ]

AntiVir found [TR/PSW.Small.bs]

Authentium 4.93.8/20061102 found [W32/Agent.BMW]

Avast 4.7.892.0/20061102 found [Win32:Small-BMW]

AVG 386/20061102 found [Generic2.FQH Warning: Hidden extension .exe]

BitDefender 7.2/20061101 found [Trojan.Agent.AAV]

CAT-QuickHeal 8.00/20061101 found [(Suspicious) - DNAScan]

ClamAV devel-20060426/20061102 found [Trojan.Small-403]

DrWeb 4.33/20061102 found [Trojan.PWS.Pape]

eTrust-InoculateIT 23.73.43/20061102 found nothinge

Trust-Vet 30.3.3174/20061102 found [Win32/Ursnif.U]

Ewido 4.0/20061102 found nothing

F-Prot 3.16f/20061101 found [security risk named W32/Agent.BMW]

F-Prot4 found [W32/Agent.BMW]

Fortinet found [W32/ACN.BS!tr.pws]

Ikarus found nothing

Kaspersky found [Trojan-PSW.Win32.Small.bs]

McAfee 4886/20061101 found [New Malware.j]

Microsoft 1.1609 /20061102 found [PWS:Win32/Agent.BB]

NOD32v2 1.1849/20061102 found [Win32/PSW.Small.BS]

Norman 5.80.02/20061101 found [W32/Suspicious_U.gen]

Panda found [Suspicious file]

Sophos 4.10.0/20061026 found [Troj/PWS-ACN]

TheHacker found [W32/Generic!zip-dobleextension]

UNA 1.83/20061101 found [Win32.virus]

VBA32 3.11.1/20061101 found [suspected of Embedded.Trojan-PSW.Win32.Small.bs]

VirusBuster 4.3.15:9/20061102 found nothing

ok as u can see this guy is insane and apparently he has many anti virus programmes..zzz his comp sure lag like siao cant play dota LAWLS (joker ass)..kk back to main topic..most of his anti virus programmes found suspicious items or virus..or malware..yea..so if u open it..ur so dead..oso got tracking devices..etc..

ok so if u got tat email juz delete immediately..LTR THAT EMAIL SUDDENLY OPEN TAT FILE AND EXECUTE THE VIRUS AUTOMATICALLY..jkjk...sounds scary tho?? ok tats it..juz being a nice good civilian telling the neighbourhood abt viruses..see ya

5:35 PM

Saturday, November 25, 2006

woooo fuseng sent me the pictures of yesterdays bbq..yea so now my blog wont look so plain anymore =) thnx alot to fuseng!!! wooooo

the tt bros here =OOO

me and kit eating..

everyone busy..

kicking ball..

random pictures..

2:35 AM

Friday, November 24, 2006

today was bbq day for the sports class

started off with a 'perfect' weather (sarcastic boy LAWLS)..rainy..bah wad a way to start a bbq..den we settled down under a pavillion..den started the bbq..lalala..kicked ball as well..in the wet grass..soggy soggy disgusting

had to go back to fetch wei bin tat late ass..make me go back all the way to bring him to the bbq pit..argh..raining summore..took revenge by eating all his fries..=OOOO on the way met a malay-chinese gang hu made fun of my indian friend Matthew..zzz i shant elaborate on racists ass..half naked and whistling to passing by girls (serious..they did dat) so immature lame childish dumb bo liao..i juz kept walking straight

den the first round of bbq starts..quite boring nth to do..we juz kicked the ball around..bored..rili nth happen

the bbq only starts to get btr when more pple came..ahhh..more pple = more food coming in..and that is juz sweet..i juz ate the food wifout putting in any effort..then chun kit and fuseng went to buy drinks..and talked sth..nth much abt bbq..it was sian =(

chun kit is not ap-ing us lol..is juz tat his tooth got plucked out and he felt sick..lol..wad a misunderstanding..and aiya..dun haf to bully chun kit one ma..some pple has shortcomings..while chun kit one is being straightforward..shoot his mouth yea..so offends pple easily..he always tries to put me down put i juz brushed him off wif a "xfeederx"..lol no one gets offended really..i was also once kena coz of my crappiness..lol..tats my shortcomings

i thought abt it..and whoa whoa whoa..we are all in 2g..we r a big family..y r we dun liking each other..i mean we shld stay united..so i created this mini poem abt us and our 2g sportsclass bonding..here goes..

2g all together..united we stand
Even in dota..we will try to gang
In order to win..we fight hand in hand
Dun leave the game..even if u randomed treant (protector)
Stay together..as special friends
Battling each other in dota ..but only in LAN!

yea so there goes..i hope the misunderstanding wif chun kit is cleared..hope everyone haf fun in LAN..euro..hamachi..or even wif AI..y not?? stay happy..and the world will be peaceful with no feeders LAWLS (sry juz joking kit u not feeder, u pro backdoor-er =PP)

8:28 AM


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